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House guarding

You have a property in Leros, but you use it just for holidays.

What happens while you’re away?

– Is it safe?

– Will it be ok after bad weather?

– What will you find when you get back?

Those questions shouldn’t keep you up while you’re at home!

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What happens while you’re away?

 Forest_fires_greece  residential-storm-damage-water-restoration  WaterDamage

We can take care of your property in many ways, and take away your worries.

Having someone check your property inside and out regularly not only provides security, it also has a preventive effect.

An unguarded property is an easy target, as well for wildlife as for burglars.

We visit and check your property twice a month while you’re away, and report by e-mail or telephone whenever necessary.

Basic fee*: 3€/m² living space per year (example: a 100 m² house would cost 300€ per year or 25€ per month, including VAT.)

*This fee does not include eventual repairs or larger interventions.

*Extra small or remote properties can require a supplement fee.

-Gardens are nice, but they need maintenance, or you will be busy for a few days when you arrive. We can provide quotes for regular maintenance for any size garden.

-Checking and maintaining automated watering systems.

-You would like to have your house painted fresh when you arrive? Ask us a quote and if you like it, we’ll take care of it.

Before you arrive for your holidays we can prepare your property for your convenience:

-cleaning and preparing the property, swimming pool and/or garden

-Ventilating the rooms

-Guest services (If you want to rent or lend your property, but don’t want to come over each time)

-Laundry, shopping and transport services

Prices to be discussed.